Thomas Bulirsch, the CEO of aviationscouts joins AIR 2018 as a speaker

August 30, 2018 No Comments

The founder and CEO of aviationscouts Thomas Bulirsch has been working in aviation industry for two decades. He thinks that the greatest challenge for the industry is the rapidly increasing air travel demand – according to the CEO this will also affect the Passenger Seat OEMs. Read his full interview below:

Why did you choose to work in aviation?

Aviation has always fascinated me since I was a child. When I received the chance to do an internship in aviation in 1998, I just grabbed it. During that time I got even more „infected by the industry virus“. And I believe everybody who has been standing under the wing of an A380 or a Boeing 747 knows what I am talking about…

What is the most remarkable change in aviation industry you are looking for?

I believe the growth in air traffic is a huge change and challenge we are facing in the upcoming 10 years. The number of aircraft will roughly double by 2030 and a lot of Passenger Seat OEMs focus on larger line fit or retrofit programs to stay profitable. Airlines with smaller requirements will use more surplus seats or overhauls. Our goal with this remarkable trend is to give passenger seats a second life and operate a transparent and professional marketplace for them.

What is the most interesting thing people don’t know about your field?

A lot of people try to source aircraft passenger seats for their cabin reconfiguration programs by P/N. But in fact nearly every seat P/N is unique and assigned to a specific customer. Therefore a search by P/N is in most cases not very successful. With our aviationgate.com you search by compatibility of the seat to your project. With a simple filter system you receive several options that you can sort, compare and request a proposal for.

Your personal inspirations are…?

There are a lot of inspirations in my life. Like my family or our small hard working team in the company. I am also inspired by great personalities who live up to values like integrity, reliability and fairness. Another (but different) example is Steve Jobs, who obviously has not been the nicest person but one of the most visionary and insisting entrepreneurs of our time.