Mike Ghasemi, expert of retail, hospitality and technology joins AIR 2018 Technology and Innovation panel

June 5, 2018 No Comments

Mike Ghasemi has over two decades of experience in engineering, IT, and retail information technology software solutions. Mike’s research includes omnichannel strategy, cross-border e-commerce, supply chain management, customer engagement, and mobility solutions. Mike is one of the founding council members of the International Association for Enterprise Information Security, a member of both the Singapore Institute of Management and Australia Institute of Management and a recipient of a Deloitte Enterprise 50 award. He uses his vast experience in various industries to consult numerous companies, including the aviation sector giants. Mike says that market intelligence is key to making better decisions in the policy and regulatory space where aviation companies are impacted.

Why did you choose to work in consultancy/market intelligence for aviation?

Since I was young one of my dreams was to be a pilot and fly around the world. I was also fascinated by how the aviation policies have made the air travel safe and enjoyable. My main drive was helping airlines and travel service providers achieve maximum value from technology and business transformation. As a consultant I am able to analyse future industry trends and the use of information technology to transform aviation industry.

What is the most remarkable change in aviation you are looking for?

I am looking for connected travel experience that allows travellers to enjoy frictionless air travel by using a unified travel platform that connects airlines, airports, security service providers and travel agencies. This is a decentralised universal platform that also all the key stakeholders to connect with each other via smart contract and improve security as well as convenient and efficiency for the airlines and airports.

What is the most interesting thing people don’t know about your field?

Market intelligence can make better decisions in the policy and regulatory space, where airlines and other industry stakeholders would be impacted. A view into the future of technology in aviation industry can help airlines and other aviation stakeholders make important strategic decisions that will benefit their business as well as the efficiency of the industry overall.

Your personal inspirations are…?

My professional inspiration has no separation from my personal inspiration: I am constantly striving to make a positive difference to other people’s lives. I am also inspired by people and businesses that do incredible things despite glaring flaws or environmental disadvantages.