AIR Convention Digital Week, a virtual event designed to review the ways of survival for the aviation industry, unwraps in three weeks.

The event opens with the market overview. On Monday, June 15th, four speakers will share their thoughts on the market in the light of changes brought by the pandemic crisis. What will the post-COVID-19 world look like for aviation? How did it affect European traffic? Invited experts will examine scenarios after the COVID outbreak and discuss passenger demand models for a post-COVID aviation world.

Join the first day of Digital Week on June 15th to hear four different expert opinions:

  • Gediminas Ziemelis from Avia Solutions Group
  • Claire Leleu from EUROCONTROL
  • Stanislav Solomko from Lufthansa Consulting
  • Victor Vieira dos Santos from Embraer

The conference will be free to watch online throughout the whole week. 

Register for free: