Dynamic and resilient, over the last decade, the commercial aviation industry has grown, seeing an increase in profitability, expanding into the new markets and benefitting from the surge in demand for air travel. 

However, despite the positive outlook for the upcoming decade and the seemingly healthy state of the aviation ecosystem, for many regions, including Europe, there remains a series of plausible risks and open issues that must be addressed.

Will the growing competition in Europe make us see more airlines go bankrupt? What will be the new major growth drivers? And what tendencies we’ve seen emerging throughout the last ten years will have the biggest influence on the decennary we have just stepped into?

AIR Convention Europe 2020 takes upon an exciting opportunity to research the market patterns on the edge between the two decades. Bringing both bold assumptions for the future and thorough analysis of the past, the Convention poses a question point-blank: have we just seen the decade of transformation or bigger changes are yet to come?

Join hundreds of aviation leaders at the key aviation networking platform in Europe!