AIR Convention is back for 2020 with the announcement of its second Asia edition! 

Packed with a variety of cutting-edge topics and themes, AIR Convention Asia 2020 will continue to bring an extensive overview of the aviation industry in the region.

The central focus point of this AIR Convention edition is new business opportunities for Asia. To elaborate on this issue, the conference is going to raise three major topics:

  • International Markets
  • Profitability & Efficiency
  • Tech & Innovation

Together with these core themes, the conference will cover on a wider range of topics within five major talk streams, broken down into smaller talk panels:

  1. Commercial Aviation Forum – with segments for Airlines, MROs, Airports, Aviation Aircraft & Engine Manufacturers
  2. Finance and Banking
  3. AIR Tech
  4. Consumer Behavior
  5. HR & Training

By looking through arising challenges and pressure points in the current business environment, the 2020 conference will accommodate opinion exchange on the best practices while also building links and connections, finding unexplored market niches and sharing effective solutions. 

Location and dates: Thailand, Bangkok on April 21-23, 2020.